If you're looking for your OZARK ADVENTURE, Stay with us right on the Jacks Fork River! Specials


Highway 19

Many roads here that are great for motorcycling. We have several different clubs that stay with us and use our Resort as their base. They can use our pavilion to park under if it rains. Something to keep in mind...

Jack's Fork River

Quick RZR 4 wheeler ride along the Jack's Fork River towards Alley Springs. These trails are great for 4 Wheeling, Mountain Bikes, or Horses. So bring your favorite outdoor toys and really have some fun.

View of Chalk Bluff

Well, we took a ride down the river to Chalk Bluff. It's winter time and cold. It probably wasn't the best idea to go through the river. It was deep, and we got stuck... ...and wet!! But there's some great views of Chalk Bluff!

Wild Horse Herd

Wild Horse Herd taken by guests near Eminence on 10.15.16. These Amazing and Graceful wild animals used to roam the Midwest by the thousands.